Monday, 9 July 2018

Week beginning 09.07.18

This week the story is 'Alice in Wonderland'  we thought the children would enjoy the nonsense element of the story! It will also help them to see how they can let their imaginations go wild when they are creating their own stories or doing role play.

We said good bye to the ducklings last week - the children really enjoyed looking after the ducklings and teaching them to swim.

In maths this week we are looking at numbers over 20 and revising one more and one less.

We will be having a daily rehearsal of our surprise dance for sports day.

We will be continuing with phonics, sentence writing and readers as well as having normal inside and outside play.

The children will visit their new class again on Thursday where they will see their new teacher and teaching assistants.

For this children who are in Rock Steady there is the band concert this Friday which you should have had details about if your child is performing.

If you are in the city on Saturday the Garrick Green Singers will be performing a John Lewis at 10.30.

Have a good week!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Week beginning 2.7.18

This week we are very excited about the ducklings - we have 3 that have hatched already and the children watched a video of an egg hatching. The ducklings have to have a swim every day and the children are fascinated when they are watching them! The children have also been able to hold the ducklings and they were all very careful and knew to be gentle.

In maths this week we are revising addition and using the mini whiteboards to record our number sentences. We are drawing circles to represent the units and then counting how many we have altogether. The children will also have access to a numberline so that they can use that method if they prefer.

We will be continuing to do phonics every day and we are really impressed with how all the children are doing. They will all write a sentences this week as well as doing their story scribing. We are continuing to hear readers and revise tricky words.

On Friday we are going to watch the Y1 and 2 summer concert and in the afternoon the children will visit their new class and meet their Y1 teacher and teaching assistants.

On Friday from 5pm it is the school summer fair so please come into the classrooms and see your child's learning journey and also visit your child's new class and teacher and, of course, enjoy all the fun of the fair! It's going to be a scorcher!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Week beginning 25.06.18

This week the children have listened to the story 'Why elephant has a trunk' which is a traditional African tale and the children really enjoy listening to these fables and understanding the message they are trying to give. Unfortunately there were no Elephants at Africa Alive but other animals that they saw on Friday featured in the story.

In Maths we are recapping doubling and halving, and also solving addition and subtraction word problems. We are also practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We will be revising the tricky words so that the children become confident with these as well as continuing to do story scribing, reading and inside and outside play.

Have a good week!

Week Beginning 18.06.18

This week we had the story of the of Snow White and the Seven dwarfs as we were revisiting fairy tales. The children wrote some interesting retells of the story following this.

In Maths we were revising teen numbers by looking at how to recognise them, order them, write them and finding the missing number in a sequence.

We learnt the tricky words said and like as the children are coming across these words a lot in their reading and they are also wanting to write these words in their independent writing.

On Friday we had a brilliant day out at Africa Alive, the children really enjoyed meeting all the animals and actually getting to handle a snake, an African land snail and a lion skull in the education session.

Monday, 11 June 2018

week beginning 11.06.18

The story of the week is 'The Reluctant Dragon'. This is another classic story which the children seem to prefer to the stories with a moral. This tale covers the themes of bravery and friendship which the children will discuss.

In maths we are having a shape space and measure week where we will revisit 2D and 3D shape names and properties and also learn about capacity and the language that goes alongside e.g. full, empty, half full. We will also compare containers and estimate if the containers hold the same as each other.

We are having a dance teacher in this week to teach the children a surprise dance for sports day which we will carry on practising until the big day.

We are continuing with our weekly writing, readers, phonics and play inside and out. We will be going over all the tricky words we have learnt so far.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Week beginning 4.6.18

Welcome back - we hope you had a great break!

This week the story was 'Hungry Hyena'. This was an African Animal story about being greedy. The children had lots of discussions about greed and what it means and they also discussed how the hyena should have behaved and what he might have learnt.

The children have also enjoyed looking at the photos of themselves that were taken when they first came into Reception. They looked at how they have changed since then and really enjoyed comparing.

In Maths we are revisiting subtraction. We are learning how to write subtraction number sentences and how to solve them either by using blocks and taking some away, drawing circles and scribbling them out and also counting back on a numberline. We will also look at solving subtration word problems using the strategies we have learnt.

On Friday the children will be taking part in a mini world cup competition with the whole school which will be lots of fun. Please can the children come into school wearing sports clothes and appropriate shoes on Friday.

We are not doing phonics this week as we are assessing what the children have learned in phonics so far. We will also be playing inside and out, story scribing and readers as normal.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Week Beginning 21.05.18

This week we are having the story 'The Enormous Turnip' which the children will absolutely love acting out! The story is about teamwork and pulling together. This story has allowed the children to think about different words to use instead of big to enable the children's vocabulary to grow. The stories that we are reading from now on will all have a message in to spark off discussions about different topics to encourage deeper thinking skills.

In maths we are concentrating on teen numbers. We want the children to feel really confident with these numbers. We have been writing the teen numbers to practice the correct formation. We are also revisiting doubling, halving, adding and subtraction.

New tricky words this week are what and when - please practise reading these words at home as the children need to be able to recognise these straight away as they cant be sounded out. When they can read them, the children need to learn to spell these from memory.
We have covered all of Phase 2 and 3 tricky words and we are working on Phase 4 at the moment.

Don't forget there is a story cafe on Friday morning at 9am for about an hour for you to come in and partake in a reading activity with your child. We look forward to seeing a many of you who can make it.