Monday, 5 February 2018

Week beginning 5.2.18

We are starting the week with the story 'Peter and the Wolf'' as we are continuing with fairy tales. The children seem to be enjoying these stories and they are beginning to retell them verbally which helps with sequencing.

In maths we are working on adding. We are staring to add 2 groups of objects together and then we will move on to adding by starting with the biggest number and then counting forwards to find the total.

We will be continuing with story scribing, phonics and free flow play throughout the week.

Please don't forget our bake sale on Wednesday. If you can possibly make some cakes for us to sell after school then we would be very grateful.

Over half term please can your child continue to read - they are starting to really take off with reading and if they have a week off from this can really set them back.

Have a great half term holiday!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Week Beginning 29.01.18

This week our story was Hansel and Gretel. We are really focusing on the language and the structure of stories so that the children begin to use these in their writing. We are also practising writing cvc (e.g. cat) words so that we are using our phonic knowledge accurately and the children will begin doing this independently.

In maths we have been writing teen numbers, learning about time (o'clock and half past) and sequencing events according to time. It has been good to hear the children talking about time and money in their play.

The children have been enjoying staying dry under the new canopies with the horrible weather we have had this week. It's nice for them to get back to normal free flow between the outside area and both Reception classrooms.

The children have also been enjoying free flow library time where they have the option on a Friday afternoon of going to spend time in the library.

This week the children have been baking scones (if they have chosen to) and with successful results!

Please can we ask you to stand on the outside of the line when lining up on a morning so that the adults can make their way down the line easily. Thank you!

We will be having a bake sale next week which you will get a letter about tonight. The support we had last time was amazing so hopefully we'll be able to raise a good amount again.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Week beginning 22.01.18

This week we are having the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea'. This follows on with the language used in traditional tales and also has a similar structure.

The children's story scribing is progressing well and the more confident they are becoming with phonics, the more control they are taking of the pencil and the adults are writing less. This is brilliant and the children are really enjoying writing and coming up with their own stories.

In maths we are concentrating on subtraction as the opposite to addition which we looked at last week. We are also looking at ordering numbers, finding a missing number in a numberline and number songs involving subtraction e.g. Ten Green Bottles.

We are hoping that the canopies will be finished this week but we will tell the children when we can start coming in the normal entrance again. Sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Week beginning 15.01.18

This week the story we are reading 'Sleeping Beauty' as we are continuing with traditional tales. The children are starting to use the stories they hear as a base for their writing which is really good to see. Some children are using the language of the traditional tales and are beginning to have a bit of a structure to their stories too.

In maths we are working on adding. We will start by adding one and making sure the children understand the language and how to add practically. We will build on this by showing the children what equipment they can use to help them.

The library van will be here on Wednesday so please remember to put any library books in book bags and also put your child's library card in their book bag.

It is the special Paddington lunch (Sausages)  on Thursday - the children can opt for this on the day so you don not need to pre-order.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Week beginning 8.01.17

Welcome back to everyone - we hope you all had a great holiday!

The children have happily come back to school and settled back in straight away which is good to see.

This week we are reading the story 'Cinderella.' This is continuing with our theme of traditional tales. We will continue to do story scribing with the children to encourage writing skills.

In Phonics we are splitting into 3 groups so the children will get the next stage of phonics that they need. They may bring home some new sounds to practise at home.

In Maths we will be focusing on counting out the correct amount of objects, estimating, comparing heights and measuring. We will also be practising counting forwards and  backwards to 20.

Thank you all for working on the sound or blend games and reading over the holidays as the children are all making good progress. Please leave the sound and blend game in book bags so that we can practise at school too.

The handwriting books that were done over the holidays look really good too. We really value your support.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Week Beginning 11.12.17

Sorry there wasn't a blog last week - with the nativity performances things just got a bit busy! We had a great week and the children did brilliantly - thank you to all for coming to watch. The feedback from the audiences was fantastic and the children have learnt a lot of skills taking part in the productions but I think we wore them out!

This week we have a lot of festive activities in the classrooms for the children to do if they choose as well as all the normal activities. We are doing some Christmas baking too and they will either bring home a decorated gingerbread biscuit of a reindeer shortbread biscuit.

We are assessing the children this week to see the progress the children have made since September and also to see at what stage they are at with phonics.

We have finished teaching the first phase of phonics so we can now group them and after Christmas they will be in different groups to move on to the next stage of phonics that they need.
We are sending home some handwriting practice sheets for over the holidays and we will also be putting a sound/blend game or reading book in book to continue practising at home.

Don't forget it is our story cafe on the last day of term from 9.10am in the hall - please come as we will be doing a brief talk about phonics and how we teach your children to read.

Have a good week!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Week beginning 27.11.17

This week we are finalising the nativity play and practising our singing and acting skills. The children are doing really well and we hope that you will be impressed when you come to see it.

We are beginning to read Christmas themed books to get the children in the festive mood!

In maths we are continuing to revise number by counting, recognising, ordering and finding a missing number on a numberline.

We are continuing to learn the sounds and practising writing the sounds too. Please carry on with name writing at home as the children seem to be getting on well with the added help.

The children are still playing both inside and outside, they have been enjoying painting recently and learning how to mix colours.