Saturday, 29 November 2014

Week ending 28.11.14

This week we listened to a story about a class play. The children practised retelling the story in the correct order orally. We have started our phonics program called Batty Basics. The children have learnt 5 sounds this week. They hear a story which has lots of words in it starting with that days letter and there is an action to go with each sound. The children also learn how to write the letter using the correct formation which they are getting on well with. This week we have learnt i, l, c, o and t. The children all got a copy of the stories and actions in their book bags so they can continue to practise at home. If you want to ask the children to think of words that start with that particular sound or go for a hunt in books to try and spot the sounds.
In maths we have been continuing to count and look at the order of numbers.
We have started the rehearsals for the nativity show and the children who have got speaking roles will have brought home words on cards to practise. It's gradually coming together!

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