Friday, 24 April 2015

Week ending 24.4.15

What an exciting but unusual week we have had.  This week, Miss Banner's and Mrs Sturman's classes have followed different topics to accommodate the Pizza Express visit.  Miss Banner's topic this week has been 'Pete's a Pizza' and Mrs Sturman's topic has been 'Knights'.  When Mrs Sturman's class goes to Pizza Express for their visit then the classes will do the other topic.

In Mrs Sturman's class we have been making Knight's shields and helmets, and we wrote a party invitation to our friend.  We have also been making lists of food we would have at our party and making Wanted posters for the Brigands from our story!

In maths we have been measuring our feet with different units of measure.  We have used cubes, blocks, cars, snakes and pine cones to name but a few.  We even measured out 5 metres because somebody got their 5 metre swimming award!

In Miss Banner's class we have been making pizzas out of playdough and of course, we had a fabulous trip to Pizza Express and The Forum where we made our own pizzas and took out a library book.

We have written a list of ingredients to make our pizzas and in maths, we have been extremely clever and have learned halving!  We also recapped doubling too!

We were also very lucky to work with an Art teacher from Sprowston High School and have started making scales for the school's Go-Go dragon.

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