Friday, 2 October 2015

Week ending 2.10.15

We are amazed at how many people have looked at the blog already - thanks for reading! We hope your find it useful.

The children seem to be all settled in now, which is great to see.

This week we have been completing our baseline assessments of the children by working with one child at a time and checking their maths ability. While Lisa and Liz have been doing this Jane, Sandra, Olivia, Sue, Jay, Margaret and Jaqci have been observing the children playing both outside and in the classroom. This has allowed us to see what the children are able to do in other areas of the curriculum. The children have loved being out in the sunshine playing. They have been getting messy in the gloop and with the chalks, showing us how well they can balance, jump, catch and throw. They have had great fun role playing with different props such as a till, shopping trolley, dolls and the dressing up clothes. They have been getting to know each other better by sharing the resources and talking. They have been climbing trees and digging in the garden. They have been hunting for treasure in the pirate ship. We've been quite busy!
The children have been having chill out time in the afternoon for about 10 minutes as some of the children seem to still be a little tired after all the activities!
We're going to try and be brave next week and go to assembly!

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