Monday, 19 September 2016

Week Beginning 19.9.16

Well done - we all made it through the first week of half days! It went remarkably well as first weeks go and the children all seemed to enjoy the week and were keen to come back!

All the children came round nicely on their own this morning and happily sat on the carpet ready to tell us what they were having for their lunch. Please remember to go through the lunch choices with your child so that they know what they are meant to be having. If it's vital that your child makes a certain choice on a particular day, please have a word with one of the adults in your child's class so that we get it right!

This week the story we are focussing on is The Gruffalo and the children are going to do their first piece of writing so that we can see what stage they are at.

We are starting dough disco this morning. This is an activity which helps to develop fine motor skills in preparation for writing. You will find out a little bit more about this at the parents' meetings - if you haven't signed up for one yet please see one of the adults in your child's class.

This week we are mainly assessing what stage your child is in all of the areas of the foundation stage. This is vital so that we can tailor our teaching to meet the children's needs. You will find out more about this at the parents' meetings

We will be doing some discussion times so that the children become more confident at speaking in their class and so that we are able to find out a bit more about them.

Please remember that we are available to talk to at the end of the day if you need us - just hang around until the children have been sent off to their parents so that we are free to chat.

We hope to have another good week!

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