Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Week beginning 16.1.17

This week the book we are sharing is 'Rumplestiltskin'. We are going to be focusing on traditional tales for the next few weeks and discussing the language used in these books, the characters and the structure of the stories.

In maths we are working on teen numbers. Most of the children have a good grasp on numbers 1-10 so we thought it was a good idea to start working on the higher numbers. We will be practising recognising and ordering them, The children will be playing lots of games to help them gain a good understanding of these number. Please practise this at home too if you can.

We are continuing to work on phonics in our groups.

The children will also visit the library van today - please remember that unless the children have their library card, they will not be able to go and choose a book.

Please remember to keep sound games/blend games/reading books and yellow reading records in book bags.

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