Monday, 6 February 2017

Week beginning 6.2.17

This week we are continuing with traditional tales and the book this week is 'Heidi'. The children know that traditional tales were passed down verbally and not always written down. We are really focusing on the language used in stories and the children will discuss the characters, the order of the story and the setting. Our new library is nearly finished and the children will be able to go visit this week if they choose to.

We are assessing phonics this week to see how the children are getting on. This may mean that they need to move into a different phonic group or we need to go back over some of the phonics we have taught. We will not be doing writing this week as the time will be taken up with assessments. The children will still be reading or doing their sound game or blend game. Please continue to practise at home over half term.

In maths we are continuing to learn about 1 more and 1 less than a number and we are revisiting teen numbers, the children are working on recognisng teen number to 20 and ordering them.

It is International week the first week back so we will be looking at the map of the United Kingdom. We always do a revision of the UK so the children become familiar with the countries in the UK and where different places are located. We  remind the children where Norwich is and other key places that children may have visited in the past. We will ask the children about similarities and differences between Norwich and other places they have visited. We are looking forward to seeing if anyone goes anywhere different in the UK this half term - don't forget to take photos if you visit anywhere so that we can add it to our UK board in the classrooms.

Have a great half term holiday!

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