Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Week Beginning 1.5.17

This week the story is 'Nat Fantastic' which is about a superhero solving problems and helping people. We are encouraging the children  to try to sort their own problems out first by talking to each other instead of coming straight to an adult, this is to work on developing independence.

After the story we write a shared sentence with the children to revise all the things that the children need to think about when writing e.g. capital letters, finger spaces, using phonics and forming letters correctly. We will be doing lots of practice of independent sentence writing so the children can embed these skills.

In maths we are working on adding and subtraction. We will be using objects to add and take away. With adding we are encouraging the children to put the biggest number in their head and then count on to add the other number.

The children will be doing PE outside this week - please remember to send in trainers/plimsoles.

Have a good week!

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