Monday, 25 September 2017

Week Beginning 25.9.17

Well we've made it to week 3 and all the children are coming into school beautifully, we even saw a few smiles this morning! It's great to see that the children are getting used to daily routines and school life but obviously tiredness levels are increasing!

At the moment we are assessing the children to see what they can do and what they know. This will continue for the next couple of weeks so that we know what we need to teach the children over the year. We do these assessments both inside and outside as the children are playing.

Now the children are familiar with school we are focusing on them selecting what they want to play with, playing with it and putting it away before they move onto another activity. We are encouraging this inside and outside. The children have also been encouraged to play in both Reception classes and in the outside area so they get used to the space where they can play everyday.

We are sharing a lot of stories at the moment so that the children get used to sitting and listening for short periods of time in big groups. We also discuss the story, predict what might happen next and talk about other books by the same author or with the same theme.

Just a reminder - Please can you go through book bags as there are a couple of letters that need information filling in and returning, Thank you!

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