Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Week Beginning 11.12.17

Sorry there wasn't a blog last week - with the nativity performances things just got a bit busy! We had a great week and the children did brilliantly - thank you to all for coming to watch. The feedback from the audiences was fantastic and the children have learnt a lot of skills taking part in the productions but I think we wore them out!

This week we have a lot of festive activities in the classrooms for the children to do if they choose as well as all the normal activities. We are doing some Christmas baking too and they will either bring home a decorated gingerbread biscuit of a reindeer shortbread biscuit.

We are assessing the children this week to see the progress the children have made since September and also to see at what stage they are at with phonics.

We have finished teaching the first phase of phonics so we can now group them and after Christmas they will be in different groups to move on to the next stage of phonics that they need.
We are sending home some handwriting practice sheets for over the holidays and we will also be putting a sound/blend game or reading book in book to continue practising at home.

Don't forget it is our story cafe on the last day of term from 9.10am in the hall - please come as we will be doing a brief talk about phonics and how we teach your children to read.

Have a good week!

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