Monday, 15 January 2018

Week beginning 15.01.18

This week the story we are reading 'Sleeping Beauty' as we are continuing with traditional tales. The children are starting to use the stories they hear as a base for their writing which is really good to see. Some children are using the language of the traditional tales and are beginning to have a bit of a structure to their stories too.

In maths we are working on adding. We will start by adding one and making sure the children understand the language and how to add practically. We will build on this by showing the children what equipment they can use to help them.

The library van will be here on Wednesday so please remember to put any library books in book bags and also put your child's library card in their book bag.

It is the special Paddington lunch (Sausages)  on Thursday - the children can opt for this on the day so you don not need to pre-order.

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