Monday, 12 March 2018

Week beginning 12.03.18

This week the story is the 'Hare and the Tortoise'. This is continuing our theme of traditional tales and fairy stories.

We have got a bit of a theme of hares at the moment which is another reason why we chose the story this week. We are lucky to have been able to buy a GoGoHare which we are currently working on so it is ready for the trail in the summer. We also chose this as the topic for our whole school art project.
We are redoing the boards in the hall, so every child in the school will do some hare artwork and some will go up in the hall and some will go up in and around our classrooms. All the children over the next could of weeks will complete their hare artwork and we will let you know when these are up in and around school so you can come and have a look.

In maths we will be learning about doubling and halving - we will do this in a very practical way to introduce the idea. We will practise using objects and doubling and halving them.

Please remember we are having our book day on Friday so don't forget that the dressing up is wearing pants on the outside like in Aliens Love Underpants. The children are having a session with an author and we will have book activities in class. The children will get the opportunity to visit another teacher for a story.

The library van is visiting on Wednesday so please remember to put library books that need to be returned in your child's book bag and also send their library card in as they will not be able to take out a book without one.

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