Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Week beginning 4.6.18

Welcome back - we hope you had a great break!

This week the story was 'Hungry Hyena'. This was an African Animal story about being greedy. The children had lots of discussions about greed and what it means and they also discussed how the hyena should have behaved and what he might have learnt.

The children have also enjoyed looking at the photos of themselves that were taken when they first came into Reception. They looked at how they have changed since then and really enjoyed comparing.

In Maths we are revisiting subtraction. We are learning how to write subtraction number sentences and how to solve them either by using blocks and taking some away, drawing circles and scribbling them out and also counting back on a numberline. We will also look at solving subtration word problems using the strategies we have learnt.

On Friday the children will be taking part in a mini world cup competition with the whole school which will be lots of fun. Please can the children come into school wearing sports clothes and appropriate shoes on Friday.

We are not doing phonics this week as we are assessing what the children have learned in phonics so far. We will also be playing inside and out, story scribing and readers as normal.

Have a good week!

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