Friday, 23 January 2015

Week Beginning 19.1.15

This week we have been pretending to be Pirates and the children have thoroughly got in to the role and have had a fantastic week of learning.
We started the week by going on a treasure hunt, we got chased by sharks, crocodiles and encountered spiders and rough seas but we managed to find the treasure in the end! The children then drew a treasure map to show where they had been. They have also labelled their maps to make it clear to other pirates what they can find if they go on a treasure hunt.
In maths we have been working on our subtraction skills. We have been using objects and physically taking them away and also reinforcing this by looking at a number line and counting back.
The children have learnt to recognise tricky words that can't be sounded out in their phonic sessions. The words we have been practising are I, go, to, the and no.
We are really pleased that you have all been doing the sound/blend games and reading with the children. Can we please ask that these games and books be kept in their reading folders so that we can use them at school too.
Next week we will be pretending to be Princes and Princesses...

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