Friday, 20 March 2015

week beginning 16.3.15

This week it has been science week so the children have been experimenting, observing and investigating! They have thoroughly enjoyed it and all of them should be able to tell you the activity that they enjoyed the most and why. We also went out to watch the solar eclipse - it was such a shame that it was so cloudy!

The children went on a colour hunt outside and then they sorted the objects that they found. Their observation skills were really good. They have watched raisins dance when they were put in cups of lemonade. The children loved seeing the raisins bobbing up the top of the cup and then bobbing up and down. They used their feet to investigate senses. They had to put their feet in buckets of different objects like dried pasta, crushed paper, cornflakes. Some of the children loved putting their feet in jelly whilst other hated it! They described how it felt putting their feet in each bucket. We put a chocolate button over a cup of warm water and watched the changes taking places as it melted. the children enjoyed eating the melting chocolate! They also listened to different sound clips and tried to think of what the sound was. we then went on a sound walk in and around school listening very carefully to what we could hear.

They've been very busy!

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