Thursday, 5 March 2015

week beginning 2.3.15

This week we have been pretending to be superheroes!
We read the book 'Nat Fantastic' which is about a little boy called Nat and whenever he sneezes he turns into a superhero who saves people! The children have really enjoyed this week as Nat Fantastic has made several appearances around school sneezing away!
Nat delivered a letter asking the children to help him write the next part of his book. They had to think about what adventure Nat would go on next. We have done lots of talking about this and there were some brilliant ideas. The children then have been writing their sentences down. The children should be able to tell you all the things that makes a good writer - e.g. sounding out the words, finger spaces, full stops, capital letters, writing the letters correctly.
In maths the children have been practising their number recognition skills. They have been ordering numbers 1 - 20 and using this number line to work out one more and one less than any given number.
For world book day the children have made their own talking book so on the next open afternoon please come and have a look.

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