Friday, 19 June 2015

Week ending 19.6.15

This week the main focus has been looking at artwork in detail.

The painting we have been looking at is The Bathers at Asnières by George's Seurat.

We read the story Katie and the Bathers as an introduction and then we looked in detail at the painting and had lots of discussions about what was happening, who the people were. We explored the painting through our senses thinking about if we were in the painting what would we see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

The children's writing task for the week was the look at the little boy with cupped hand shouting in the painting. They had to think about what the little boy might be saying and write it in a speech bubble.

We looked at the pointillism technique and the children really enjoyed painting their own pictures in the style of pointillism.

We did mental maths work on doubling and halving and had a couple of games of double and halves bingo!

At the end of the week was the trip to The National Gallery in London. The children were fantastically behaved all day and really enjoyed the outing. We had a session with one of the gallery staff who took us on a magic carpet ride into a painting. Then we did our own tour of the gallery stopping and looking at lots of different paintings. The children couldn't wait to see the real Bathers painting. They were quite surprised how big it was! We looked at Monet's Waterlily paintings, Surprised by Henri Rousseau, Whistle jacket by George Stubbs, The Haywain by John Constable, The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Turner and quite a few others! The children had excellent discussions about what they thought they could see. They were brilliant at using their imaginations and pretending to step into the paintings. A good day out was had by all!

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