Friday, 5 June 2015

Week ending 5.6.15

We have had a very exciting week this week. It is our trembly International week and we have been learning bout Thailand.

The children started off the week going on a submarine adventure to learn all about the oceans. They looked at the names of the oceans and where they were in the world. They throughly enjoyed learning about the different creatures that lived in the different oceans. They also did a bit of maths work learning about the size of a blue whale. They went outside and measured how big the whale is and they tried to fit the whole class inside. There was lots of extra room as they are so big!

They children learnt about the different fruits they have in Thailand and they enjoyed sampling most of them! The children were brilliant at trying things that they might not have ever tried or seen before! You might get some interesting requests the next time you go food shopping! They also learned how to make sticky coconut and mango rice which is a pudding that they eat in Thailand.

We looked at Buddhism by learning about A special celebration of the birth of the baby Buddha. We made special fruit jellies because that's what they do in Thailand. The children also made special reflective decorations to go in our thinking house. Which is an area of peace and tranquility!

The children have also designed their own Thai Long Tail boat using 2D shapes. They labelled the different shapes with the name and the properties of the shape.

We've packed a lot in but the children have had a brilliant week learning about another country.

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