Friday, 6 November 2015

Week ending 6.11.15

We hope you all had a lovely half term holiday - it's been a busy first week back at school!

Now that we have done all the initial assessments of the children to find out what they know and can do, we have started to do more focused work.

We have been practising counting this week. At the moment we are counting forwards from one. We have been counting objects and have taught the children to line objects up and touch each object as we say the number to be really accurate. We also have counted jumps and claps.

We have been working on rhyming by saying a word and thinking of words that rhyme with that word. we have had some weird and wonderful made up words too!

We have started squiggle this week we have been working on up and down and left to right/right to left lines. this is to encourage the formation of letters when we start teaching the phonics.

As Bonfire night fell on Thursday we created our own firework picture on the ground outside by choosing different coloured powder paint and throwing it on the ground to make firework shapes. The children then came up with describing words to do with fireworks.

we have also started doing big talk where the children have a talk topic to discuss with the person next to them and then they share their sentence with the whole class verbalising the full stop at the end.

Thank you for all your support of donations of cakes, toys and books for our sale - we raised £140 which has paid for a dolls house and the rest of the money will go towards developing our outside area.

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