Friday, 27 November 2015

Week ending 27.11.15

This week has been another busy week! We have been working really hard on our nativity play. The children have practised their singing, drama skills, saying their lines and remembering when it is their turn to get up and come to the front of the stage.
Some of the children have lines to learn and we would really appreciate your help with practising these at home. The children are all doing really well and we hope you're looking forward to seeing the performance.

We have started teaching phonics this week. The children have learnt i, l, c, o and t this week. There is an action and a story to go with each sound and there is a sheet in each child's book bag so that they are able to practise their sounds at home.

We have continued to develop our gross and fine motor skills by doing squiggle. We have been doing circle shapes and revising lines from top to bottom and left to right.

In maths we have been comparing groups and saying which have more or fewer in them. We have been looking at a number line with a missing number and working out what that number is by counting forwards.

The children have also been learning through play and have had a great time trying to rescue numbers that had been frozen in blocks of ice. They had to find out how to melt the ice and get the number out. They really persevered with this activity and had fun trying!

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