Friday, 22 January 2016

Week Ending 22.1.16

This week we have started our topic 'Let's Pretend..'. We have been pretending to be pirates.

We went on a pirate treasure hunt where we had to travel through swishy grass, over soft golden sand, through a dark cave and across the ocean. The children even had to escape a crocodile but they eventually found a treasure chest.

The children drew their own treasure map and labelled it, trying to hear as many sounds in each word.

In maths we have been working on subtraction. We used to number line and counted backwards and also have pirate coins to be able to solve subtraction number sentences e.g. 10 - 4 = It would be great to practise subtraction at home - the children can use their fingers and do subtraction by putting their fingers down to find the answer. We used the vocabulary subtract, minus and take away so the
children get used to all of these different words.

We have put the children into phonic groups so that they are being taught the sounds they need to know next or recapping on sounds that they haven't retained yet.

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