Friday, 5 February 2016

Week ending 05.02.16

What a windy week it's been!!

This week we have been pretending to be Astronauts and we have ventured into space.

We read the story Whatever Next? and we even had our own space drama where we went to the moon ourselves.

We have written lists of what we would take to the moon if we went.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year a week early and had a workshop where we learnt some Chinese and tried out using chopsticks.

We set the children a challenge to find out how long The Great Wall of China is.  Guesses ranged from 2 (2 what?), 18 (18 what?) to 60 hundred thousand million as we got from one little lad.  We love hearing their concepts of how they view things.  Fascinating!

Next week it's International Week.

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