Friday, 12 February 2016

Week ending 12.2.16

This week we have had our international week and have learned about Italy.

The children looked at the United Kingdom and the countries that make up the United Kingdom. We looked at a map and used Google earth. We found where Norwich was on the map.

The children then looked at where Italy was in the World. They could see that the country is shaped like a boot.

We have learned how to make ciabatta the Italian bread. The children noticed what happened to the dough after we left it in a warm place. We made gelato, Italian ice cream. This was a science experiment as we made the ice cream mixture in one plastic bag that we sealed and put ice cubes and rock salt in a bigger plastic bag. We then put the bag of money stare into the bag of ice and massaged the mixture to help it come into contact with the ice and the children loved watching how the cream mixture turned into ice cream. The children all tried the ice cream!

We have looked at the important landmarks in Rome and the children created a physical map of Rome, building the coliseum, the Roman forum, St Peter's basilica the Trevino fountain and they added the river Tiber onto the map too.

The children looked at how Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel and then they created their own paintings in his style by painting on the bottom of tables.

The children have had a very enjoyable week and today when we discussed what they have learned we were amazed!

We hope you have a lovely half term!

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