Friday, 18 March 2016

Week ending 18.3.16

This week has been Science week so we have done a different science activity everyday.

We have used our senses to carry out lots of investigations.

We did a sound walk to see what sounds we could hear in and around the school. We also listened to sounds from a sound database to see if we could recognise what they were.

We investigated putting raisins in lemonade and observed what happened. The children loved watching the raisins 'dance'!

We carried out a melting experiment with chocolate buttons and warm water. The children closely observed the changes that took place.

We also did a feely feet investigation where the children put their feet in bowls containing different objects without knowing what was in the bowls! They described what they could feel and they tried to guess what was in the bowl by how it felt.

We finished this week with our sport relief mile walk. The children really enjoyed the walk and did very well, as some of them were a little tired towards the end!

Don't forget it's open afternoon on Monday and it's our story cafe on Wednesday morning.

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