Friday, 15 April 2016

Week ending 11.4.16

This week we have pretending to be zoo keepers.

We watched an animated version of the book 'Dear Zoo'. The children all enjoyed the story and a lot of the children were familiar with the book.

We discussed which animal the children would like the zoo to send them and reasons why they would like that animal. The children then wrote a letter to the zoo to request their animal.

In maths we have been looking at doubling. The children have been having a go at doubling practically and solving problems relating to doubling.

We are working hard at the moment to develop the children's writing so we have been doing extra sentence work to encourage the children to be able to write a simple sentence independently. We have been encouraging them to think about the sounds they can hear in a word, the formation of letters and remembering to use finger spaces.

The children have also been making different boxes with the construction materials so that the animals can travel safely!

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