Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Week Beginning 17.10.16

This week is International week at Garrick Green and the country we are learning about is France.
The children listened to a story 'A Walk in Paris' as an introduction to France, where they learned about key landmarks, history, architecture and a little bit of french language.

We are going to make brioche this week so that the children can learn about the process of making a french bread. They will all get to bring a brioche roll home to try too.

We will be discussing the artwork of Matisse and the Eiffel Tower during big talk.

With the run up to half term we will also discuss what plans we have for the holiday or what we would like to do.

Unfortunately Reception didn't get the chance to go on the library van but they visited the school library instead. They will get priority next time.

Have a great half term and don't forget to email us/send in any photos of the children if you are out and about in the United Kingdom over the holidays.

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