Friday, 4 November 2016

Week beginning 31.10.16

We welcomed lots of fabulously dressed children in on Monday - the Halloween costumes looked great. Some of the children were tricky to recognise! Thank you all for the tombola prizes you sent in.

This week we have started doing little teaching inputs on the carpet. In maths we have working in counting skills. The children have been lining up objects and making sure they say a number each time they touch an object so that counting is more accurate. We have also been counting things we do e.g. Claps and jumps.

Continuing with the Halloween theme the children heard the story "Winnie in Winter."  They discussed the differences between the seasons.

We have put the children's name cards up in the classroom and we are encouraging the children to copy their name, forming the letters correctly. We have started 'squiggle' this week to encourage correct letter formation too.

We have started some phonic listening activities to get the children tuned into listening to the sounds in words. We have also done some work on rhyming and alliteration.

The children have all brought home their first piece of homework - an image discussion. This is in their homework book in their book bag. There is a letter explaining this in their book bag too.

Have a good weekend - enjoy the fireworks!

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