Monday, 20 March 2017

Week beginning 20.3.17

This week the story is 'Hansel and Gretal'. This is to continue with our theme of traditional tales. At the end of the story we do shared writing all together to encourage the children to remember the writing skills we have taught them such as beginning a sentence with a capital letter, forming letters correctly, using finger spaces and applying our phonic skills to spell the words accurately.

In maths we are focussing on money, the children will learn to recognise coins and we will discuss their value and learn how to add up prices, knowing which coins to use to pay for something.

This week as well as story scribing we will be doing an independent writing activity where the children write a sentence on their own. This is so we can assess how the children's writing skills have developed over the half term.

On a Friday afternoon the children have free flow library access, they can visit the library to sit and read, look at books or change their sharing books ready for the weekend.

We will be doing readers and phonics throughout the week too.

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