Monday, 6 March 2017

Week Beginning 6.3.17

The story of the week is 'Goldilocks', this is to carry on our theme of traditional tales. It also links with mathematical language small, medium and large when comparing size. The children are beginning to use the language of traditional tales when they are role playing and also in their writing, which is fantastic to see. We have also put porridge oats outside for the children to explore in their play.

In maths we are focusing on recognising 19 and 20. Then we will start work on ordering numbers to 20 and investigating missing numbers in a numberline to 20. We want the children be confident with numbers 1-20 and be able to know one more, one less than any of those numbers, be able to order them and be able to spot a missing number in a number line. This is what the children need to be able to do by the end of Reception. 

The children will continue to learn through play, read and learn phonics throughout the week.

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