Monday, 16 April 2018

Week Beginning 16.04.18

Welcome back - we hope you all had a great Easter!

It is lovely to come back to warm weather and sunshine for the last term. I can imagine the outside area will get a lot of use from now onward!

This week is science week so there will be some investigations that the children can do if they choose. They will have the chance to use their observational skills to observe what happens when you put raisins in lemonade, they will be trying to make a strong house for the 3 little pigs using different construction materials and they will be exploring the gloop and the way it changes.

The story this week is The Three Little Pigs to tie is with the traditional tales we have been looking at and also science week and exploring the characteristics of everyday objects.

In maths we are working on addition and trying to secure the children's knowledge and understanding. We will be using cubes to help us add practically and we will be looking at adding using a numberline. We will also be working on solving real life word problems involving adding.

We will be continuing to hear readers, learning tricky words and doing story scribing throughout the week as normal.

Have a good week!

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