Monday, 23 April 2018

Week beginning 23.4.18

This week the story is The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, the children will act it out in their normal way and retell the story verbally so that it becomes more familiar to them. This will encourage the use of story language when they are role playing and writing.

We are doing 2 focused writing tasks each week where the children will write a simple sentence independently. It would be great if you can practise this at home too. We say the sentence and the children write it without our help. This is to help develop the use of finger spaces, phonics, letter formation and independent writing skills. We do a simple sentence like 'We went to the sweet shop'. We try to incorporate words that they will be able to use their phonics to spell as accurately as they can.

In maths we are practising subtraction. We will be using cubes to help us solve calculations and we will look at the numberline and show the children how to count back to work out the answer. Towards the end of the week we will look at real life word problems involving subtraction and the children will use cubes or the numberline to solve these. We are also going to do a little bit of ordering by height, estimating weight and saying which is heavier or lighter and we are doing a recap of time using o'clock and half past.

We have introduced quite a few tricky words now as we look at 2 new ones every week. The ones we have covered so far are:
I, go, to, the, no, into, he, she, me, be, you, we, my, was, they and all.
If you can practise these at home too that would be great. The children need to be able to recognise and read them instantly as they can't be sounded out and they need to be able to write them from memory.

Thank you all for your support in returning the home learning sheets that lots of people did over the Easter holidays - it's be fabulous to see how much learning goes on at home that we wouldn't normally find out about. There will be more sheets to complete in the coming weeks so thank you in advance for your help with these.

We enjoyed the sunshine outside last week in the heatwave! We provide all children with a school hat which stays at school but we would really appreciate it if the children can have sunscreen applied before school so that the children do not need to apply it themselves. You are welcome to send cream in if they need to top it up but in the past a lot of parents have used the apply once sunscreen which has worked brilliantly. We encourage them to drink water throughout the day too.

Have a good week!

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